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Well - I lied about taking song suggestions and turning them into art - not because I didn't like some of the songs, but because I stopped drawing again after I moved in August. From lat January though up until then? I challenged myself and my art in a way I never thought I would. I actively started looking for my own style and got some recognition for it. The four pieces that got admitted into the gallery unfortunately had to be taken back when a fight broke out between the owners and my art almost got locked away in a vault until the dispute had been settled in court (who knows how long that would be?), but I finally have some more contacts and people I can talk to and get my stuff out there again. At the same time - I kind of need to draw some more pieces and build that collection up :)

I'm still on the hunt for a job in my field, but I had an excellent boss in the last year who's big into Role Playing too - so a good chunk of our afternoons were spent retelling character stories and cool character idea as we worked. 

I'm in the final stages of finishing the first draft of my book. There's sooooo much work that needs to be done it, but within the next few months here I should actually finish and be able to start polishing those first couple chapters before I start posting letters on my wall of rejection lol. My reader, also my target audience, has given me a break for the month of December, but she's going to be riding my ass to finish the book and start sending it out in the spring. 

I got engaged this summer to an amazing man who dropped out of nowhere into my life and absolutely swept me off my feet. 
We bought a house.
We got a dog.
We're planning the wedding and roleplaying regularly with a circle of friends.

I entered Paizo's RPG Superstar contest this year! Cross your fingers for my item to make it to the top 32. Even if I get that far I'll be amazed - but if I actually make it through more stages of the competition? I could end up writing an adventure for Pathfinder! 

So while my work isn't what I wish it was - there is so much in my life this year that is more than I could have dreamed of - and as I start tearing up and my fiance steps over to make sure okay I better end it here in joy and celebration of the year that's passed and hope 2014 is just as amazing if not better.

Until next time Dev's! 
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Lunareth Jan 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for watching me! :iconfatpandaplz:
always fun to watch more DT fans/artists :)
Happy Birthday! You've been so inactive, you can still see my previous birthday wish 8D
Happy Birthday! *<: D
Happy birthday! *gives hugs & makes up with a piece o pumpkin cake*
Happy Birthday! May you have lots of cake!
It was pumpkin cake - and it was delicious. <3
Happy Birthday! *offers hugs as he sadly doesn't have any other presents*
*accepts hug....and 38% of your soul*
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