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I've never really been a big believer in fate; it sounds so cliche. "It's fate that we are together" "It's fate that I found my favourite chocolate on sale for 50% off." "It's fate that lead us to this point."

Is believing you meet people for a reason still fate? I haven't drawn a dragon in years. I started drawing Path to Power stuff and other Drowtales themed art and came so far along that any of my previous attempts at dragons just seemed... well kind of wimpy to be honest. Then I was challenged by a gallery artist to put a collection of my sharpie art together for him. I have a booth next month to sell my art at a fair. I've been asked to come out and draw in front of an audience because the sharpie art is fast, exciting, and kind of neat to watch develop (or so I've been told). All of this is still local within my city though - this new project of mine that I've dubbed 'Salt Light' is something entirely different. I worked, for a short time, with a freelance writer for a roleplaying company. We only worked together for less than a year before she found a kick ass job elsewhere - but she contacted me three days ago with a question. Would I be interested/able to do a cover for a kickstarter adventure she was writing?

Like almost every artist knows - there is that moment of 'no way, I'm not good enough. I couldn't carry it. I ....

Said I'd see if a sketch started to turn out that same night. If I liked the way it was going - I would take on this project. If it wasn't.... 

My first sketch of a dragon in years. Oh there are many mistakes but if drawing with permanent marker has taught me anything - it has taught me to forgive myself and press onward. Do better, press onward. 

The finish product needs to be done in less than 10 days. I hope to have it done sooner than that :)
Wish  me luck.

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